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    Dict Cơm - Steamed rice

    How to cook Vietnamese style rice Phương pháp1 Nấu Cơm 1 Đo gạo bằng cốc và đổ vào nồi.Vài loại nồi cơm có nồi có thể tháo rời, trong khi một số khác lại không, phải cho gạo trực tiếp vào nồi. Phần lớn nồi cơm điện sẽ kèm theo một chiếc "cốc" đo gạo hoặc muỗng có thể đong đầy 3/4 cốc (180...
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    Dict Cơm - Steamed rice

    Cơm - Steamed rice Rice is the product after cooking rice. There are many ways to cook, the most common is using an electric rice cooker, you can use a saucepan, or even cook rice with a bamboo tube.
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    images Indochina Medical School in the 1920s-1930s (forerunner of Hanoi Medical University)

    Indochina Medical School was founded by France in 1902. The first principal of the school was Dr. Alexandre Yersin. Along with specialized schools that were established at the same time, such as the Hanoi Vocational School (École Professionelle de Hanoi) established by the Hanoi Chamber of...
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    video Big explosion at a Gas store in Sapa on August 11, 2021

    Big explosion at a Gas store in Sapa on August 11, 2021 Luckily everyone was able to escape 15 seconds before the gas tanks exploded
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    info Vietnam’s Key Investment Laws

    Vietnam has been carrying out economic reforms since 1986, with the encouragement of domestic and foreign private investment as one of its main points of focus. Some of the most important that has been enacted to establish a framework for investment laws include: • The Law on Enterprises...