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    travel Peace and tranquility in Séo Mý Tỷ

    Séo Mý Tỷ Lake is surrounded by mountains. The lake water is clear all year round, covered with clouds. — Photo By Lâm Giang Séo Mý Tỷ still retains the characteristics of a Mông village in Sa Pa Town, Lào Cai Province, with roofs thatched with pơ mu wood and...
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    travel Homestay the mainstay of Hmong village

    Several Hmong families in a Ha Giang village on the China border are cashing in on its popularity by turning their homes into homestay facilities. Located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng mountain pass in the northern highlands province of Ha Giang, the Pa Vi Village is home to 30 Hmong families who...