Dict Phở cuốn - Rolled Pho


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Jun 25, 2020
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Pho rolls, a well-known dish of Hanoi, are filled with stir-fried beef inside and served with the dipping sauce.

The dish is another special version of Phở ( a well-known kind of Vietnamese noodle soup).

Phở’s rice noodles are made from rice flour and corn starch. The dough from two kinds of flour and water will be shaped into thin strips before being steamed on an oiled cooking tray.

Fillings of the rolls including stir-fried beef and herbs. Some say the best beef is veal. The meat will be marinated in soy sauce and other spices to make it soft and juicy. Then, it will be stir-fried with bean sprouts. Salt is not used as local cooks think it may toughen the beef. Besides, the herbs inside will help enhance the taste of pho rolls.

Pho rolls are tastier when being served with a dipping sauce which is actually fish sauce mixed with sugar, minced garlic and chilies, and pickled carrots and green papaya.