travel what to wear in Vietnam


Jun 28, 2020
The Vietnamese have a relaxed attitude to dress, and suits and ties are rarely worn, except at official functions. A neat appearance, however, is respected. For the south and Ho Chi Minh City, light casual cotton clothing is the most comfortable year-round. If you plan to visit Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang or Da Lat during the winter months (November to April), you'll need to pack something more substantial. Very warm clothing, including a coat, will be essential in Hanoi and the mountainous north during this period. Be sure to take stout, water¬proof footwear for visits during the rainy season (between May and October). An umbrella is handy, especially in Hue, which is renowned for unpredictable showers. For visits to pagodas and temples, women should wear modest clothing: trousers or medium-length skirts with arms and shoulders covered, and men should wear long trousers and shirts with at least short sleeves.