guide What does “anh” mean in Vietnamese?


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Jun 25, 2020
The word “anh” has a lot of meaning in Vietnamese.
It can mean
  1. a male who's (presumably) slightly older than you; an elder brother
Pronoun address terms
  1. I/ me
  2. you (can be formal)
  3. (endearing) your boyfriend/ husband
  4. young (adult) man
  5. he/ him
It also shares the Sino-Vietnamese term of
  1. used for part of the Vietnamese person’s given name
  2. flower, petal
  3. outstanding
  4. brave
  5. hero
  6. Eng- OR Ang- as in English, England OR Anglophone, Anglicize
    1. Vietnamese:
      1. tiếng Anh: English language
      2. người Anh: British
      3. (nước) Anh/ (Anh Quốc): England

The second meaning can be “cherry blossom”

Yes, this is the Japanese Kyūjitai form of「桜」(さくら) /sa ku ra/: “cherry blossom”.

Vietnamese vocabulary: “cây anh đào” OR “hoa anh đào” (花櫻桃)
  • Literally means “tree” + “cherry (blossom)” + “peach (blossom)”
  • OR “flower” + “cherry (blossom)” + “peach (blossom)”
If you add “anh”: “cherry (blossom)” and “đào”: “peach (blossom)”, then it becomes “Prunus species” OR “Prunus cerasus” which means “cherry plum tree”.
Both can be used as names:
  • “Anh” (英): can be unisex due to the meaning of “flower” (feminine), “brave” (masculine), and “outstanding” (both).
  • “Anh” (櫻): the meaning sounds more “feminine” which I don’t think I have ever met any Vietnamese male with this given name meaning.


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