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    travel Homestay the mainstay of Hmong village

    Several Hmong families in a Ha Giang village on the China border are cashing in on its popularity by turning their homes into homestay facilities. Located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng mountain pass in the northern highlands province of Ha Giang, the Pa Vi Village is home to 30 Hmong families who...
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    travel Aerial pictures present diverse charms of Quy Nhon

    A series of bird’s eye view photographs by Quy Nhon native Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan captures various attractive facets of the south central town. Under the Tam Toa mountain range on Phuong Mai Peninsula, the Hai Minh fishing village is home to dozens of families that live off fishing and tourism...
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    travel A full guide to Vietnam's northern border province

    Home to a UNESCO-recognized geopark and Southeast Asia's largest waterfall, Cao Bang remains off the beaten track and less busy than neighboring Sa Pa or Ha Giang. Quay Son River is surrounded by golden rice fields and karrst limestone mountains in Cao Bang Province. Photo by Tran Bao Hoa The...